Nasal inflammation


  • Systemic allergen sensitisation, followed by intranasal allergen challenge, produces a localised inflammation consisting of predominantly eosinophils.
  • Steroid sensitive.


  • Allergic sensitisation to inhaled allergens, such as dust or grass pollen, causes nasal irritation and inflammation.
  • Sufferers may develop an itchy, runny nose which can become congested, and itchy, watery eyes.
  • Although symptoms are often mild, those with more severe rhinitis can find it quite debilitating.
  • Common treatments include antihistamines and steroids, are not preventative but aim to reduce symptom severity.


  • Mouse


  • Ovalbumin

Dosing routes:

  • P.O., I.P., I.T. S.C., I.N. and I.V.

Study Duration:

  • Approximately 4 weeks

Parameter Measures:

  • NALF cellular infiltration
  • Cytokines in the NALF

Time course data

Nasal inflammation - time course total cells                  Nasal inflammation - time course total eosinophils

**p<0.01 v sham