Asthma (steroid sensitive)


Asthma (Steroid sensitive)

  • Animals are sensitized systemically with either house dust mite (HDM) in Freund’s adjuvant or ovalbumin (OVA) in aluminium hydroxide, and following this receive a single airway challenge of the respective allergen.


  • This steroid sensitive model demonstrates many of the hallmark features of human allergic asthma, such as a predominantly eosinophilic inflammation of the airways, production of Th2 cytokines, and changes in lung function.


  • Mouse, Rat and Guinea Pig


  • Ovalbumin or House Dust Mite

Dosing routes:

  • P.O., I.P., I.T. S.C., I.N. and I.V.

Study Duration:

  • Approximately 3-5 weeks

Parameter Measures:

  • BALF cellular infiltration
  • Cytokines in the Blood/BALF/Lung
  • Histology
  • Lung function
  • Western Blot
  • PCR

Mouse Models – Ovalbumin (OVA)

Asthma (Steroid sensitive)-mouse OVA sensitisation schematic


Asthma (Steroid sensitive)-mouse OVA RL MCh dose-response

Mouse Models – House Dust Mite (HDM)

Asthma (Steroid sensitive)-mouse HDM sensitisation schematic


N.B. Groups are labelled according to: Sensitization agent + Challenge agent + Treatment

Asthma (Steroid sensitive)-mouse HDM total cells                   Asthma (Steroid sensitive)-mouse HDM total eosinophils

*=compared to HDM sensitization + HDM challenge group